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While we are a fully accredited commercial roofer that is licensed, we are regarded by everyone as the best residential roofing company. Like owning a home, having a business building tags along a lot of responsibilities. You have a lot of maintenance and activities to track. However unique your business may be, there is always the need to maintain your roof even if you own an IT company.

Your roof poses a lot of safety hazard that actually extend to your health by allowing mold growth and leaks. Still, when it comes to selling your property, be assured of a low price if your roof happens to be poorly maintained. Lastly, to new visitors paying your business building a visit, they will get a poor first impression upon seeing your shabby roof.

We are neither an average nor new roofing company in the industry. We have years of experience backed by a lot of commercial and residential ventures. We have customer testimonials that serve as our word-of-mouth tool of advertisement. So, we take pride in all our jobs since our approach is narrowed to your specifications as if we are doing our own roofing servicing. Lastly, Integrity and honesty stand as our top values.

We have the expertise it takes to work on any type of roof. A lot of businesses have flat roofs so we find it easy working on them. Since not all roofing contractors are experienced in working on different types of roofing, our skilled technicians are trained to not only repair but maintain any of your roofing system. Be it piqued, flat or gabled, we can handle any type of roof. We are always ready to help you no matter the type of job.

A number of commercial roofers charge a lot when generating a quote for a customer. Still, they are crafty when it comes to putting hidden costs or hiding extra charges that will be evident along the job. Such craftiness gives every client a lot of headache as well as unplanned-for expenses. Since it is tough to argue with your roofing contractor when the task is half-way done, such contractors then take advantage of that.

Our core mission is giving you a written quote that is free and detailed. In our estimate, we give you a chance to know the cost of every work. We are an integral company that does not include hidden costs but the expense of your task from start to finish. Before giving you a quote, we have to visually inspect your entire roofing system. By doing this, you will then get a quote that is honest and precise.

  • We are an insured company that is not only bonded but also licensed as a commercial roofing company with years of experience in the roofing industry. We have a lengthy list of customer testimonials that will tell you a lot about our job. Since customer satisfaction is key to us when working on both residential and commercial property, you are guaranteed of the best quality. We are then glad to give you a chance to go through our customer testimonials or search the internet for some of its user-generated reviews.
  • We are an insured, licensed and bonded company that is in good terms with both the state and city.

To get more information concerning our commercial roofing services, or get a free quotation for you commercial property, then call (919) 694-6796 and talk to one of our expert staff.

If you are looking for a genuine and trustworthy Durham commercial roofing services, call us through (919) 694-6796 and feel free to ask for your free estimate. We will be more that privileged to serve you.